Monday, March 19, 2007


You have noticed that I have not posted anything on my blog for a few weeks. On February 13, 2007, my mother -- and best friend--had a massive stroke. She doing better, yet, the journey will be long and require a great deal of work on her part--I admire her spirit at 87.

At the beginning of the year I posted my values above my computer "Integrity, Freedom and Adventure." My family is located throughout the world and all was going well, so I just kept in touch. Now with this "challenge" I have added "Family" to the top of the list again.

My cell phone is always turned on waiting for the latest update from my sister or the chance that I can "talk" to my Mom. She cannot talk, yet, still enjoys hearing my stories -- including the one about my excitement of two more black swans being added to the pond outside of my window.

I realized that I would drop everything in a minute if I was needed back in Texas. Truly, my family is at the top of my list.

Why do I mention this? I wanted you to realize that values change. Thus, it is important to step back on a regular basis to decide what are you three top values? It is amazing how paying attention to your values helps guide your decisions.


If you need advice, it is perfectly okay to call someone you have not talked to in three years. They will be pleased you remembered them. Be sure to remind them where you met at the beginning of the phone call.