Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Since the beginning of the year I have been going through the arduous tasks of mammograms, lumpectomy, numerous tests and radiation treatment.(No you do not lose you hair in radiation--just lose your energy a little more each day)

I am happy to say that as of April 27th, radiation
is behind me AND I feel like I beginning a new chapter of my life and with somewhat a different perspective.
I learned who my true friends were and appreciate more than ever the concept I had been teaching for years "It is the Little Things" that helps one through this process.

I am proud of myself that I had gotten yearly mammograms and this was caught in the first stage. I certainly also congratulate myself that as self-employed person I had always made sure I had health insurance....One day with the lumpectomy procedure registered $9,000 -- that wasn't even staying overnight.

Each day I am getting stronger and I have no doubt that I will be a beaming mother at my daughter's wedding next week in St. Maarten.


If you feel like you need help with technology
tools, ask a Y Generation person to help you. They
have the skills to help you move through the process
of learning much faster.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kathy's Connection


One of the many results of writing articles is that people are finding me through a variety of ways. About a month ago, a Senior Management person found an excerpt from one my articles on Then when he put my name into the search engine my name came to the top.

Mike Hayden then asked me to review his new book "The Ultimate Career Builder." I carved out some time and began reading it and was delighted to see that Mike had developed a manual that truly reflects what people "Need" to do to document their careers.

I wrote a testimonial and was delighted he included it in his book. Last week, he asked if he could put my testimonial on the front cover. What do you think I said?

At any rate, go to Mike's website so that you are notified when it is officially released. Great for helping track and aid the development of your career.


Every day, move through at least one mental block and that is urging you to slow down and take some time off or find something to eat.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Yes you read it right. I am using stickers for my own achievements on my own calendar. Recently, I had a conversation with my Executive Coach and talked to her about my inability to do every day things I know
are important to me.

These activities include writing in my Grateful Journal, exercising, documenting all finances, writing handwritten notes and setting appointments for
potential new clients.

So now I am the proud owner of very attractive calendar with large monthly squares. I bought the stickers and assigned a color for each activity. I
smiled this morning when I put one on it for I had done entries in my Grateful Journal

As she explained, soon I will be able to see trends easily. In other words, when my life reallyflows, she's betting it is because I have a number of stickers in my squares. I'm betting she's right
once again.


Make sure you include your website address
and phone number in your signature line for
emails. You want to make it easy for people to
contact you.

If you haven't done so already, sign up for Weekly Wisdom
on my website. It is a positive way to start out your
week and makes you think about your own life.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Recently, I decided I had to do something with my ever-increasing library.
Books were starting to be piled on top of neat rows of books lined up on the
book shelves in my office. Still other books found their way into the TV unit
with videos, the bedroom book shelf was full and still others were on the
dining room display shelves.

Yes, I could take them to a use bookstore, yet, I felt like I wanted to
something special with them for many of them have helped me grow and learn things
through the years and I wanted to share. Many were instrumental in me starting
and growing my career in training on business communication skills.

Last week, I read about a website called There you can register a book and get a tracking number,
download a plate that is placed in the book and write a brief review of the book. Then
you purposely leave it some place so that someone can have it free.

Why did I do it?

1. Great way to downsize my library.
2. Remind me "why" I liked the book so much in the first place.
3. Gives people who may not be able to afford it a way to get read a
book that might make a difference in their lives.

Finally, since I teach Networking, I couldn't help but smile. I hadn't thought
of a book networking -- yet, I learned when a person finds the book, they can
go to the website listed on the plate and learn where it has traveled.


When beginning to speak in front of a group of people, do not say things like:
"I'm nervous, I hope I don't forget what I was going to say;" "I think I am awake now,
I hope I don't stumble over my words;" "I'm not sure exactly what I am going to say--yet
here it goes." If you think I made those up -- think again -- I heard all of them this
week. Remember, people are making an impression of you within the first seven seconds.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Months ago I was asked to write an article for a book about how technology affects my day-to-day life. Lisa Whaley had found me on the internet and asked me to submit chapter for possible inclusion in her new book "Prisoners of Technology."

I smiled for I thought "That will be easy." The article came out easily and I submitted it. Then the email came and "Lisa, said "Kathy, thank you, I am pretty sure I will be including it in the book."

The contract came and I returned it to her smiling for it was fun to know that my writing talent was being use for a new purpose.

This week the book arrived with a forward by Dave Vaskevich, a VP at Microsoft. I found my contribution and smiled as I read it -- Yes, it still sounds like one of my days.

I smiled even more when I turned to the back of the book and read they large bio about me.....Yes, great marketing!!!

It hasn't been released to bookstores or amazons yet, though you can order a copy through her website:


If you use Power Point for your presentations, please note research reveals that medium blue-dark blue background with yellow print is the easiest for your clients to read.