Monday, August 27, 2007


It had been quite some time since I had taken a whole week just to explore this wonderful nation. I met a friend, Susanne Olson, in Las Vegas and we headed out on a road trip to Santa Fe. I hadn't been to Las Vegas since 1971 (Yes, I know it has changed) and I have always wanted to experience Santa Fe.

The ten hour drive was an ever-changing panorama of the states of Arizona and New Mexico. It was impossible to think the drive was long for the scenery constantly changed before our eyes.

We stayed in Albuquerque one night at a Bed and Breakfast -- a lavender farm, wild white peacock and the most wonderful, peaceful courtyard you can imagine. Their breakfast was prepared from the produced grown on the farm. The University of New Mexico regularly holds retreats on the site. I certainly will be going back.

In Santa Fe we attended the Annual Native American Art Sale--1,100 vendors--yes, you read it right. I am thrilled to be the owner of "Traditional Birchbark Biting" --- in fact, it won 3rd prize in the unclassed art category. The artist is Wanesia Misquadace -- one of ten artists in the nation doing this kind of work.

Finally, it was time for the spa after MUCH walking. We took a trip to Taos and found a wonderful spa called Estrella Massage and Day Spa. It was small, in the country and beautiful just like you see in the pictures/movies. Teresa created her dream ---- she and her husband designed and run this outstanding place that also has well-equipped rooms if you want to stay longer--we wished we didn't have to had home.


If you travel to a number of states, it might prove more efficient to develop a folder for each state than putting it into your contact program. That way articles that grab you interest in a particular state have a place to be filed and you can even drop in contact cards that remind you of the people in the area. Traveling to a state...pull out your folder.

Monday, August 13, 2007


At the beginning of each year I put on a board above my computer my values, dreams and anything else that makes me feel good when I look at it. I have a home office and consider myself fortunate for I saw the wisdom of a home office years ago.

My values were listed as Integrity, Freedom and Adventure. Family did not have to be on it for everyone in my family was moving along well and living their life fully. All of that changed on February 13 when my Mom (My best friend) had a massive stroke. I live in Washington and she lived in southern Texas near my sister.

All of a sudden "Family" was my top value. Numerous trips to McAllen, Texas ended on July 28th, when my sister and I headed to Wisconsin to take my Mom home and to rest next to my Dad in a beautiful country cemetery on July 29th.

Those five months were some of the toughest times I have experienced, yet, at the same time beautiful. My brother, sister and I worked as an outstanding team ---keeping in mind whatever it took to make Mom's last days on earth as comfortable as we humanly could muster.

My sister said it best at Mom's service "There were no harsh words between us. We believe that is the greatest thing we could do for her. We believe she would be proud how we all conducted ourselves."

This week I am going on a planned vacation. The timing is perfect and Mom is probably smiling because she worked it out so I could go on this vacation that I have been looking forward to---attending Native American big Market in Santa Fe with a friend/colleague from California.

I'm back on the 21st. Focus, finishing my book, getting in touch with clients and developing new speaking opportunities. Of course, the book will now be dedicated to both my Mom and Dad who taught me well --- they are missed.