Sunday, November 27, 2005


A couple of months ago I got a call from Jane Byrne, a staff writer for "Engineering Times" -- the national magazine for the National Society of Professional Engineers. Jane did a terrific job of quoting me. You can read the article online:


People ask me how I get my name out there online and at the top of the search engines. There is no question that writing on your subject is not only a great way for you to document what you know and share with so many people throughout the world.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kathy's Connection KC Solutions --- Kathy Condon's Website Getting Upgraded

Anyone who has ever put up a website knows that a good website person can make things flow smoothly. My website person, Mandi, lives in Northern California. We have only met on the phone and through email, yet I have learned to rely on her.

She helped me find a new distributor for Weekly Wisdom--My ezine, a one-line quote, with no more than 4.5 lines about why I like it and then a question for the week. Her knowledge of available software saved me $200 a year.

When developing a website, make sure you leave LOTS of time to develop content for it can only be written by you, unless you hire a marketing person. Even then you'll be totally involved in the process. I have to admit it is pretty rewarding when you take the time to do it right....check out my credentials page on my website.


If you are giving directions to someone, make sure
that you are giving the "why" you are doing it. They will
understand why you are doing it and will understand better
why they must carry through.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kathy's Connection

The phone rang early this week. At the other end of the phone was my daughter, Kara, who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She said "Mom, Dominique and I have some news for you. We have set the wedding date and are getting married in St. Martin in the Caribbean on May 4th."

There was cheers on my end for not only is Dominique a fine man who will be an outstanding son-in-law, he loves Kara to his toes--a dream for any mother. I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were both thrilled.

They chose St. Martin because it is half-way between Belgium and where we live. In addition, since Dominique's family speaks French and we speak only English, we are going to an island that has both--smart thinking on their parts.

In nothing flat, Kara and I got into our planning mode. Do we really need formal invitations when we are spread out all all over the world? We came to the conclusion no--besides return cards are impractical considering the distances involved. Yes, even I was thrilled technology has come into full use here.

Yes, I am thrilled the wedding is there. I lived in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands for four years --some of the happiest years of my life. Can't wait to be dancing to steel drum music again!!

On excellent source for inexpensive overseas calls is Net2phone. I discovered it over four years ago. You deposit an amount into your Net2phone account and then dial an access number. It has never failed me and it automatically refills (charged to my credit card) when I get near an $0 balance.