Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kathy's Connection KC Solutions --- Kathy Condon's Website Getting Upgraded

Anyone who has ever put up a website knows that a good website person can make things flow smoothly. My website person, Mandi, lives in Northern California. We have only met on the phone and through email, yet I have learned to rely on her.

She helped me find a new distributor for Weekly Wisdom--My ezine, a one-line quote, with no more than 4.5 lines about why I like it and then a question for the week. Her knowledge of available software saved me $200 a year.

When developing a website, make sure you leave LOTS of time to develop content for it can only be written by you, unless you hire a marketing person. Even then you'll be totally involved in the process. I have to admit it is pretty rewarding when you take the time to do it right....check out my credentials page on my website.


If you are giving directions to someone, make sure
that you are giving the "why" you are doing it. They will
understand why you are doing it and will understand better
why they must carry through.

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