Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kathy's Connection


As a member of this community for 21 years, it always amazes how much I do know about my community. I remember the day I could enter a room and know everyone in it -- not any more.

Our community has grown to almost 400,000 people. Since we are directly across from Portland, Oregon our community continues to grow for we have superb schools and affordable housing.

I attended the breakfast which was presided over by Nancy Baker, the first woman President of the Port of Vancouver Commission. She outlined with pride some of the major initiatives that the Commission is undertaking.

She was followed by a presentation by Larry Paulson, Executive Director of the Port of Vancouver. Through his very effective use of a powerpoint presentation, those of us in the audience got to see behind the scenes views that truly captured the activity and the economic strength the Port brings to our area.


Remember that State of the City, State of the County and State of the Port events are a quick way to learn a great deal about your community. In addition, you will meet influential people in your community.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


People are continuously asking me if it is important to get articles written and out on the internet. I can say without any reservation, "YES."

I am very pleased that I have been able to keep my name Kathy Condon at the top of the page when you Google my name. That happens because I have written articles and given approval to put them on other websites.

The title "Career Facilitator" when Google, puts me in about the middle of the page. I am the first Career Facilitator listed after listings of Universities that offer career facilitator credentials. Again, it because of my articles.

Keep writing and sharing your knowledge.


Keep your company visible. Attend events and spend time listening to needs/wants of people in your community. Networking/connecting is about learning.

Monday, January 16, 2006


As a self-employed business woman, I have used the excuse that my office gets messy for two reasons:

1. I am in and out all day and don't have time to
put things away.

2. Since I work at home, I have both my business and person mail coming in, thus too much volume to handle daily.

When I came back from my vacation, I realized something had to change. I took an entire day and did not let email or telephone distract me. I began the process of purging my office of everything I didn't need.

Before I knew it was into my office supply cabinet and found things that I have never been unused or hadn't seen daylight in years. They were put into a bag and immediately taken to my car's trunk -- a non-profit will benefit from my contribution.

The results? Great feeling when I walk into my office and every thing now has a home. Yes, that is what I said, "Clutter happens when something doesn't have a home."


"If it takes more than two pizzas to feed your team, it is too big." Loved this quote. Think about it. Communication is essential with a team. If it were larger than this, how could you help each individual feel like he/she is a significant member of the team?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kathy's Connection


My 86 year old mother moved to southern Texas (Mission, Texas) in the middle of June from Wisconsin where she had lived all her life. It was time to be near family and my sister knew there was a great community to support her efforts to help make the change as easy as possible for Mom.

The 80 degree plus weather I experience was far superior to the rainy weather in the Northwest all the while I was gone.

It was interesting to learn more about the Mary Kay orgranization since my sister serves as the computer person for a woman, Nancy King, who received her pink cadillac the day after I left. I was impressed with two things: The emphasis on excellent customer service and the support for people from the corporate office.

Processes have been developed and when they work well, they are duplicated and taught to people in the field. Yet, there is always an eye to making an improvement if it proves to be more efficient or enhances customer service.


A recent customer service survey revealed that less than 50 percent of people walking into a store were greeted by a staff member. My belief it much of the reason is that the staff member is either talking to other staff members or a recent trend...talking on a cellphone.

Train your staff to say "Hello" with a smile and look the customer in the eye. The customer will feel significant and special when she walks into your store.