Monday, January 16, 2006


As a self-employed business woman, I have used the excuse that my office gets messy for two reasons:

1. I am in and out all day and don't have time to
put things away.

2. Since I work at home, I have both my business and person mail coming in, thus too much volume to handle daily.

When I came back from my vacation, I realized something had to change. I took an entire day and did not let email or telephone distract me. I began the process of purging my office of everything I didn't need.

Before I knew it was into my office supply cabinet and found things that I have never been unused or hadn't seen daylight in years. They were put into a bag and immediately taken to my car's trunk -- a non-profit will benefit from my contribution.

The results? Great feeling when I walk into my office and every thing now has a home. Yes, that is what I said, "Clutter happens when something doesn't have a home."


"If it takes more than two pizzas to feed your team, it is too big." Loved this quote. Think about it. Communication is essential with a team. If it were larger than this, how could you help each individual feel like he/she is a significant member of the team?

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