Saturday, December 27, 2008


On December 24, I started my journey to visit my daughter in Belgium at 2:30 a.m. The taxi picked me up at 3:30 a.m. with chains for the treacherous drive to the airport. With snow falling hard, I was relieved it was an early morning flight. We took off on time and arrived in Seattle to even heavier snow.

My next flight was again on time. Once on the runway, you could feel the tension. All of us knew that the pilot had his hands full. The runway appeared to be covered with snow and ice.

Once airborne, the pilot announced, "A special Christmas present from the control tower. We are the last flight out for at least the next two hours." Had we not gotten off then, I would have missed my connection in New York City and would not have arrived at my daughter's for Christmas Day.

I boarded the American Airlines plane and realized my use of miles for a first-class seat were well spent. This plane had seats that fully reclined so I could stretch out to sleep. After a delicious meal, I pulled up the quilt-like blanket and settled down to sleep.

Since I had asked for the "express breakfast" I was awaken 45 minutes before we were to land. The flight attendant served me orange juice, fruit and a croissant. Once I had finished, he handed me a plate of dark Belgium chocolate.

Perfect trip--well almost. It seems my luggage was still in Seattle and would not arrive until late afternoon the following day. My daughter was waiting for me at the gate-It was 8:30 a.m. Nothing like a hug from your daughter on Christmas morning.


Whenever you travel, make sure you put the chargers and overseas adapters for your computer and cell phone in your carry-on. You never know if your luggage will arrive with you. If you are at JFK airport, Samsung has great stations for charging your devices. There are comfortable chairs surrounding each station and it is FREE.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Here in the NW we have experienced our worst snowstorm in 40 years. I have been here for 23 years and I knew I had not ever seen this much snow on the ground since I lived here...yet, I had no idea that I was here when we are making history. I do know I parked my car 2 1/2 days ago and it is obvious it will stay there for a while yet. Most of us here do not even have snow tires because normally it will snow and melt the next day.

It has been a good time to get projects done and some started. My January file is starting to be filled up with things I must check on when I get back from Belgium on January 14th. Tonight however, I was starting to get a little cabin fever.
I decided to brave the elements and find my way to my condo complex's pool. Knowing full well at the end of my good swim, the hot tub would be waiting for me to warm my bones that that are chilled because of the constant temperature in the 20's.

I walked out the door and it was a winter wonderland. Silent. The evergreen trees looking like the picture postcards you see; and the trees, without leaves, were covered with crystal clear ice. It was the quiet that was soooo restful and beautiful.

I found my way to the pool through the drifts, and put my outer clothes into the sauna. My swim felt better than ever and it was interesting to watch the steam rise even higher on the windows as I continued to swim. The hot tub....ahh, no more aching body parts.

It was a beautiful night --- I am glad I took time for myself -- if I hadn't I would have missed an outstanding experience.
Time for ourselves can and often does mean renewal for ones body and mind. As result, it is possible one can accomplish so much more.


f you are using Twitter and you have a Blackberry, you can download a program that enables you to use your Blackberry to send tweets while you are out and about.


Yesterday, I received a wonderful gift. My daughter, Kara who has outstanding writing abilities, started her own blog about her adventures in Belgium where she lives. She is an outstanding writer and all of her family has urged her to write, which had taken the backseat to press releases and articles for her company. We knew nothing about her starting a blog, yet were frustrated that we had not heard about her day with a two-star Michelin Chef. Now we know why we hadn't heard any of the details before. If you want to smile, take a peak.

A dear friend of mine was born in China, studied the religions of the world, studied men and women's communication way before it was popular, started two of the major fund raising organizations in our area and started a foundation for a hospital that is flourishing today because of his leadership. Yet, when he passed on, we lost all of the history involved and his learnings because he did not write about it - He was always going to do it tomorrow.

Is there something you want to write? Maybe 2009 is the year to start putting your thoughts/learnings/adventures down. So proud of my daughter for documenting her interesting life.


I have come to the conclusion that Twitter truly is serving me well. One of the main purposes of it is to draw people to your website. The stats regarding my website have gone up considerably and I have hardly started.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am betting one of our local shoe manufacturers is thrilled we have caught on to its' slogan and use it as part of our communication. At any rate, it seemed to be the right title for this blog.

Now that I have caught on to "social networking" I'm find myself getting sucked into checking what is going on with the sites as soon as I get to my computer. Meanwhile, the emails keep piling up, not to mention the projects that need attention.

Stepping back, I realized how I need to handle emails, tweets and the projects. It seems so simple, yet, I wasn't doing it. Just handle what needs to be done immediately.

I remember when a retired general told me that he was taught to make a decision and take action because someone's life may depend on it. At the time, I thought that approach could cause all kinds of mistakes because things were not thought through.

Now I realize that, yes, there can be mistakes, yet at least something is done. Perhaps, we don't need those meetings that go on for hours? I'm thinking a tight agenda will be very helpful.

Back to my emails.


Read about a great new website that will help you clear your library and enable you to buy some books you have been wanting, yet don't need to have them be brand new.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


During the last month I have been spending a great deal of time on the computer. I know I have to stay on top of technology and decided it was time to figure out Twitter, Facebook etc.

Since I speak and train on networking in person, I got to thinking "Is "social networking" the right word for interactions on these sites? I have asked the question on no response yet.

A colleague that I respect happened to call on another issue. She brought an interesting perspective to my question. She's nearing the half-way point of her Masters Degree. She said her classmates had just had a discussion on that very subject. They decided, more than likely, it is"social networking" -- taken to the virtual world.

The issue seems to be how to apply professional standards to this virtual arena and the connecting that is happening throughout the world. People are finally starting to understand that what they write will float in cyberspace for years. There are many people having regrets about what they wrote. Perhaps, we need the Emily Post of cyberspace communication?


If you are packing something to send, make sure you pack it very tight. It seems that breakage occurs when the item inside can move. Loose, wadded newspaper is not enough to cushion the object.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Since I am such a firm believer in one-to-one eye-to-eye connections, I am a bit surprised that I have become so interested in "social networking" on the web. However, I am finding myself spending hours learning how connecting via the web really works.

Why am I enjoying it?

1. Finding people that have been out of my life for a while.
2. Have a new channel to share tidbits that I am learning in my life.
3. I believe it serves me because I have an innate desire to always want to keep learning.

With that being said -- still lots to learn -- yet, I am way ahead of many Executive Coaches, Speakers and Trainers - great information for my networking classes. I have, however, decided not to include "social networking" technical information in my next book on would be outdated before it was printed.


If you are going to travel over seas, check with your bank to find out if there is a bank that would not charge you ATM fees--often they are affiliated with other banks. Just learned about bank I can use in France.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer Travels in Southern California

Each time I head the airport, I smile to myself and say, "What kind of adventure will I have today?"

Many of us have passes to the Board Room (That is the name for Alaska's lounge--I know other airlines use other names). We tease, Frank, who is normally there on weekdays --- and he is great at dishing it back. He proudly announced Portland, Oregon won the "Best Board Room" of all of Alaska's sites. Even if he hasn't pulled off getting "Washington" brand potato chips at our site, I'm betting he is one of the reasons for the recognition.

We get our fresh cup of coffee. I smile when I notice how many people are reading the newspapers that are scattered throughout the room. Reading papers isn't dead with executives. These people know that what they read can be helpful when they are talking with others during the day. People need to know what is going on so they can start and keep conversations going--that's called building relationships.

Plane is on time and the tailwinds gets into Burbank 10 minutes early. Ah....there is sunshine and clear skies. Get my rental car and I'm off.....Again, the beauty of the mountains and blue skies bring me all kinds of ideas for new articles.

It helps so much to get out of your routine to remind yourself of how much you don't know and it helps you nourish your creative side.


When you are reading the newspaper, pay attention to the ads. It is a great way to find events that you might find interesting. In fact, when deciding where to go I ask myself, "Will I learn anything or will I have fun?" Any event is a networking event.

Friday, December 05, 2008


I do have to say that I have gotten people who are close to me trained to know that Thursday is my day off. The day I do not do emails or answer the telephone--no office work takes place. That circle is pretty small; and it doesn't have much of impact on my business day.

About two years ago, my Executive Coach, Mari Smith suggested I take a day off. I live alone, love my work -- and really don't think of it as work. Yet, she knew I needed a break. At first, I was apprehensive -- "I'm self-employed. I can afford to take a total day off and not pay attention to the tools of business." She convinced me it would be good for me.

Yesterday was my day off. What a joy it was! Bright sun -- something we cherish in the Northwest this time of year. Fussed around the house a bit, just so I would come home to a really neat house was the first thing on the agenda. Put on a fun outfit and headed out for the day. Drove into the countryside south of Portland. Discovered an organic mustard farm, a place where you could pick your own holly and saw the gigantic tree at the outlet mall.

This morning I listened to my telephone messages. Only one of them needs action today, the others were updating me on projects I am involved with in California. Yes, there were 150 emails this morning, yet, I was able to move through them quickly. It won't take me long to catch up.

So I feel fresh, creative and ready to move forward again on my projects. Life is good!!!


For those of you who suffer from SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder. I highly recommend "Happy Lite Jr."
I sit in front of it for twenty minutes the first thing in the morning when I am reading my emails.

Monday, December 01, 2008


It is not easy listening to the news -- like today when the stock market plummeted. Yet, lately I have been focusing on how people are starting to entertain themselves. A friend reports that the sales in their music store have soared...especially on Black Friday. Could it be that people have decided it is time for those lessons they always dreamed of taking?

When you visit a bookstore, there are so many people in the aisles. I don't know about you, but I have found myself curling up more with books. What a better way to escape or learn something new while people are wringing their hands in despair.

I checked in with some of my baby boomer friends. I asked them if they liked playing board games when they grew up. If I asked them on the phone, I can hear the smile in their voice. There is not one person I asked that didn't go on about how much fun they had playing with their family and friends.

From my view, it is looking like we are going back to the simple things in life AND we're enjoying it.


People who are on top of social networking say that you should pick three groups and work with them, so that you can do them justice. It is not easy keeping up, however, I am on: