Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am betting one of our local shoe manufacturers is thrilled we have caught on to its' slogan and use it as part of our communication. At any rate, it seemed to be the right title for this blog.

Now that I have caught on to "social networking" I'm find myself getting sucked into checking what is going on with the sites as soon as I get to my computer. Meanwhile, the emails keep piling up, not to mention the projects that need attention.

Stepping back, I realized how I need to handle emails, tweets and the projects. It seems so simple, yet, I wasn't doing it. Just handle what needs to be done immediately.

I remember when a retired general told me that he was taught to make a decision and take action because someone's life may depend on it. At the time, I thought that approach could cause all kinds of mistakes because things were not thought through.

Now I realize that, yes, there can be mistakes, yet at least something is done. Perhaps, we don't need those meetings that go on for hours? I'm thinking a tight agenda will be very helpful.

Back to my emails.


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