Friday, April 24, 2009


Alaska Airlines has been my airline of choice for about seven years. Since I fly out the Portland/Vancouver International Airport, their frequent flights provide me with many choices.

This morning I picked up my local paper; and read that Alaska was now going to charge for the first checked baggage. I immediately could feel a “grrrrrr” in my body since that was one of the things I appreciated about Alaska’s service.

I had taken the day off yesterday and when I turned on my computer….210 emails flowed into my Inbox. One-third of the way through the emails was one from Alaska. They were informing me of the changes.

“As an MVP, however, you will be exempt from this first checked bag service charge. What's more, after this change goes into effect, we will also be waiving the second bag service charge for MVPs. Thus, for tickets purchased after May 1, 2009, for travel after July 7, 2009, you will be able to check two bags without a service charge. This exemption extends to everyone traveling in the same reservation as the MVP, and both Web Check-in and Kiosk Check-in are automated to reflect this exemption.”

Okay, I wasn’t ticked any more. Alaska once again proved that they care about their customers. As a frequent flyer, I was delighted that I was sent this message and appreciated the way they are honoring me for being a loyal customer.


Programs that honor your loyal customers do work. What are doing to honor the people that keep coming back to do business with you?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As I write this, I can proudly say that my book “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s all about Communication” is a “Best Book Finalist USA Book News”. In addition, I can say that the money I spent self-publishing was worth every dime. Finally, I am pleased to tell you sales profits have far succeeded the original expense. You can buy the book on my website:
or on Amazon.

My next book is titled “Networking Fable: Are you the Tortoise or the Hare? I heard you and at last, I am going to write a book on my in-person networking tips. My goal is to have it out in the fall. Actually, I am going to publicly state that it will be released Tuesday, October 6, 2009. (Using my own coaching skills and assigning a goal date)

Since the publication of my book, I have had many people say to me “I’m going to pick your brain about how to publish a book. I’ll take you lunch.” The offer has come so many times I start to smile before they get the words out of their mouth.

It took me a LONG time to figure out the process and the learning curve was great. The last two months, before publication, I was tied to my computer for 14 hours a day for two months…not easy for an extrovert. The second book is going to be a breeze. Besides, I know the qualities people keep saying they like about the book.

As an Executive Coach, I would happily meet with you to share my tips and secrets. Over the phone or in person I can provide tips in two-hours that will save hours of research time. This process is a new tool in my toolbox and I will be proud to give you my full attention on the subject.


When you see a meeting or seminar that looks interesting and your schedule is free, make a reservation. Pay for it and commit. When the day of the event rolls around and it is 6:00 a.m., you are much more likely to attend – you paid and you committed.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Last week the buzz on Twitter started early that Oprah would be learning and at the same time teaching her viewers about the world of Twitter. Tweets (140 keystrokes) relaying information or telling the world what you are up to at any given time. Better yet, you share great information that you have found in your daily journeys whether it is on the Internet or out and about.

Oprah was a curious, she picked up the key attributes of social networking quickly, and last I knew she had close to 500,000 followers. A follower is someone who is on Twitter, has his/her own ID name (I suggest you use your name) and you can decide whose tweets you want to follow. As I write, I now have 1600 plus followers and I am following close to 1800 that are on Twitter.

Now the advantages:

1. It is an extremely positive atmosphere— Great way to start out your day. You will quickly get unfollowed if you start posting negative information or comments.

2. Particularly, if you want to learn more about social networking, the links others provide are invaluable---no way could you learn this fast without them.

3. You are connecting with people from all over the world, thus, there is always dialogue going on. Different time zones make it interesting for some people are just getting up – others heading to bed.

4. You practice writing without fluff --- the limit on strokes makes you really think about how to express your thoughts.

5. If you write interesting content, share and have fun with this technology you will be surprised at how your name will be known throughout the world.

Here’s a link to my interview with “The Columbian” and Julia Anderson, Business Editor

I am amazed how much I have learned since this article was published. Learning social networking certainly helps with maintaining and growing brain dendrites…no real need to do crosswords puzzles if you keep learning this constantly evolving technology.


Listening is a learned skill. It is important that you look the person in the eye and really “hear” what the person is saying, “That is how you make them feel significant or important”.

Friday, April 10, 2009


People wonder how I can write on my blog a couple of times a week. I have been blessed with a life that takes me to different corners of the world. However, most of the ideas are spurred by an interaction that takes place in my daily life. Many of you know I have been very active on and

There is no question using these social media networks have increased my ability to open up to more of the world around me. Both of these social media networks have a built-in understanding that you will share your new discoveries and resources.

Often a point will be made on these networks and it triggers an interesting discussion. Even more importantly, the tweets and entries often reveal a new expert in a particular area—thus, a new resource for exploring a topic more extensively.

It has gotten to the point that I have to write my blog ideas down to make sure a great idea is not forgotten. In fact, I carry a little notebook and periodically go to that if I am stuck about a subject.

This week I attended the Chamber meeting in Battle Ground, Washington…got a couple of ideas. Had a great conversation with the District Administrator CA State Department of Rehabilitation Northern Division, hung up, and immediately wrote down important points of our conversation. A conversation with my marketing friend, Shelly Fleming, resulted in still more ideas.

My belief in order to write an effective blog you have to become aware of your life—kind of like putting it under a magnifying glass. Listen and keep your eyes open and then take your “findings” and enlarge them so you can share them with the world.


If you are not feeling good about your relationship with one of your vendors, sit down and talk to them. More often than not, they are feeling uneasiness as well. Just did this and the vendor was relieved for he truly wanted to move in a different direction—he didn’t know how to tell me.

Monday, April 06, 2009


This past week I was the keynote speaker at the Puget Sound Career Development Association on Mercer Island near Seattle.

Approximately 25 people who work daily in the career field gathered for their monthly meeting. It was fun to share my techniques on networking and give them a few of my favorite tips on intergenerational communication.

My host for the day and evening was Kate Duttro, a Career Coach/Consultant/Instigator We met about ten years ago and over the years have developed a real respect for each other as people. However, even more importantly, we admire each other for how we stretch our minds and help individuals by providing them with tools that help them be the best they can be.

After the meeting, we came back to her place and the real stretching and growing of minds began. Kate’s home is full of books and it was fun watching her get up and find still another book to help prove her point or share one of her new findings. Kate is one of the library’s best friends.

Kate spends time on a university campuses and I spend most of my time when I am not speaking or training out about in the business community. Thus, we brought different approaches to solving the same issue. While the industries appear to be so different, the truth is people have the need for great communication skills.

We looked up at the clock and realized that it was 2:00 a.m. Neither one of us could even remember when we were up so late. I crawled into bed that night and realized Tony Robbins is so right when he suggests you should spend time in an industry that is normally not part of your world so that you get a different perspective.

Now it is Monday morning and my task is to implement some of the great ideas we came up with for my career.


When you make a presentation to a group of people, take two stacks of your contact cards and hand them out to the right and left of the audience and let them pass them on. The goal is to make it convenient for people to get in touch with you.