Friday, April 24, 2009


Alaska Airlines has been my airline of choice for about seven years. Since I fly out the Portland/Vancouver International Airport, their frequent flights provide me with many choices.

This morning I picked up my local paper; and read that Alaska was now going to charge for the first checked baggage. I immediately could feel a “grrrrrr” in my body since that was one of the things I appreciated about Alaska’s service.

I had taken the day off yesterday and when I turned on my computer….210 emails flowed into my Inbox. One-third of the way through the emails was one from Alaska. They were informing me of the changes.

“As an MVP, however, you will be exempt from this first checked bag service charge. What's more, after this change goes into effect, we will also be waiving the second bag service charge for MVPs. Thus, for tickets purchased after May 1, 2009, for travel after July 7, 2009, you will be able to check two bags without a service charge. This exemption extends to everyone traveling in the same reservation as the MVP, and both Web Check-in and Kiosk Check-in are automated to reflect this exemption.”

Okay, I wasn’t ticked any more. Alaska once again proved that they care about their customers. As a frequent flyer, I was delighted that I was sent this message and appreciated the way they are honoring me for being a loyal customer.


Programs that honor your loyal customers do work. What are doing to honor the people that keep coming back to do business with you?

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