Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As I write this, I can proudly say that my book “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s all about Communication” is a “Best Book Finalist USA Book News”. In addition, I can say that the money I spent self-publishing was worth every dime. Finally, I am pleased to tell you sales profits have far succeeded the original expense. You can buy the book on my website:
or on Amazon.

My next book is titled “Networking Fable: Are you the Tortoise or the Hare? I heard you and at last, I am going to write a book on my in-person networking tips. My goal is to have it out in the fall. Actually, I am going to publicly state that it will be released Tuesday, October 6, 2009. (Using my own coaching skills and assigning a goal date)

Since the publication of my book, I have had many people say to me “I’m going to pick your brain about how to publish a book. I’ll take you lunch.” The offer has come so many times I start to smile before they get the words out of their mouth.

It took me a LONG time to figure out the process and the learning curve was great. The last two months, before publication, I was tied to my computer for 14 hours a day for two months…not easy for an extrovert. The second book is going to be a breeze. Besides, I know the qualities people keep saying they like about the book.

As an Executive Coach, I would happily meet with you to share my tips and secrets. Over the phone or in person I can provide tips in two-hours that will save hours of research time. This process is a new tool in my toolbox and I will be proud to give you my full attention on the subject.


When you see a meeting or seminar that looks interesting and your schedule is free, make a reservation. Pay for it and commit. When the day of the event rolls around and it is 6:00 a.m., you are much more likely to attend – you paid and you committed.

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  1. Excellent points Kathy. I love working with the best and paying for the time of an expert exponentially decreases my learning curve. And that's worth something to both parties.