Monday, April 20, 2009


Last week the buzz on Twitter started early that Oprah would be learning and at the same time teaching her viewers about the world of Twitter. Tweets (140 keystrokes) relaying information or telling the world what you are up to at any given time. Better yet, you share great information that you have found in your daily journeys whether it is on the Internet or out and about.

Oprah was a curious, she picked up the key attributes of social networking quickly, and last I knew she had close to 500,000 followers. A follower is someone who is on Twitter, has his/her own ID name (I suggest you use your name) and you can decide whose tweets you want to follow. As I write, I now have 1600 plus followers and I am following close to 1800 that are on Twitter.

Now the advantages:

1. It is an extremely positive atmosphere— Great way to start out your day. You will quickly get unfollowed if you start posting negative information or comments.

2. Particularly, if you want to learn more about social networking, the links others provide are invaluable---no way could you learn this fast without them.

3. You are connecting with people from all over the world, thus, there is always dialogue going on. Different time zones make it interesting for some people are just getting up – others heading to bed.

4. You practice writing without fluff --- the limit on strokes makes you really think about how to express your thoughts.

5. If you write interesting content, share and have fun with this technology you will be surprised at how your name will be known throughout the world.

Here’s a link to my interview with “The Columbian” and Julia Anderson, Business Editor

I am amazed how much I have learned since this article was published. Learning social networking certainly helps with maintaining and growing brain dendrites…no real need to do crosswords puzzles if you keep learning this constantly evolving technology.


Listening is a learned skill. It is important that you look the person in the eye and really “hear” what the person is saying, “That is how you make them feel significant or important”.

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