Friday, December 05, 2008


I do have to say that I have gotten people who are close to me trained to know that Thursday is my day off. The day I do not do emails or answer the telephone--no office work takes place. That circle is pretty small; and it doesn't have much of impact on my business day.

About two years ago, my Executive Coach, Mari Smith suggested I take a day off. I live alone, love my work -- and really don't think of it as work. Yet, she knew I needed a break. At first, I was apprehensive -- "I'm self-employed. I can afford to take a total day off and not pay attention to the tools of business." She convinced me it would be good for me.

Yesterday was my day off. What a joy it was! Bright sun -- something we cherish in the Northwest this time of year. Fussed around the house a bit, just so I would come home to a really neat house was the first thing on the agenda. Put on a fun outfit and headed out for the day. Drove into the countryside south of Portland. Discovered an organic mustard farm, a place where you could pick your own holly and saw the gigantic tree at the outlet mall.

This morning I listened to my telephone messages. Only one of them needs action today, the others were updating me on projects I am involved with in California. Yes, there were 150 emails this morning, yet, I was able to move through them quickly. It won't take me long to catch up.

So I feel fresh, creative and ready to move forward again on my projects. Life is good!!!


For those of you who suffer from SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder. I highly recommend "Happy Lite Jr."
I sit in front of it for twenty minutes the first thing in the morning when I am reading my emails.

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