Monday, December 22, 2008


Yesterday, I received a wonderful gift. My daughter, Kara who has outstanding writing abilities, started her own blog about her adventures in Belgium where she lives. She is an outstanding writer and all of her family has urged her to write, which had taken the backseat to press releases and articles for her company. We knew nothing about her starting a blog, yet were frustrated that we had not heard about her day with a two-star Michelin Chef. Now we know why we hadn't heard any of the details before. If you want to smile, take a peak.

A dear friend of mine was born in China, studied the religions of the world, studied men and women's communication way before it was popular, started two of the major fund raising organizations in our area and started a foundation for a hospital that is flourishing today because of his leadership. Yet, when he passed on, we lost all of the history involved and his learnings because he did not write about it - He was always going to do it tomorrow.

Is there something you want to write? Maybe 2009 is the year to start putting your thoughts/learnings/adventures down. So proud of my daughter for documenting her interesting life.


I have come to the conclusion that Twitter truly is serving me well. One of the main purposes of it is to draw people to your website. The stats regarding my website have gone up considerably and I have hardly started.

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