Monday, December 22, 2008


Here in the NW we have experienced our worst snowstorm in 40 years. I have been here for 23 years and I knew I had not ever seen this much snow on the ground since I lived here...yet, I had no idea that I was here when we are making history. I do know I parked my car 2 1/2 days ago and it is obvious it will stay there for a while yet. Most of us here do not even have snow tires because normally it will snow and melt the next day.

It has been a good time to get projects done and some started. My January file is starting to be filled up with things I must check on when I get back from Belgium on January 14th. Tonight however, I was starting to get a little cabin fever.
I decided to brave the elements and find my way to my condo complex's pool. Knowing full well at the end of my good swim, the hot tub would be waiting for me to warm my bones that that are chilled because of the constant temperature in the 20's.

I walked out the door and it was a winter wonderland. Silent. The evergreen trees looking like the picture postcards you see; and the trees, without leaves, were covered with crystal clear ice. It was the quiet that was soooo restful and beautiful.

I found my way to the pool through the drifts, and put my outer clothes into the sauna. My swim felt better than ever and it was interesting to watch the steam rise even higher on the windows as I continued to swim. The hot tub....ahh, no more aching body parts.

It was a beautiful night --- I am glad I took time for myself -- if I hadn't I would have missed an outstanding experience.
Time for ourselves can and often does mean renewal for ones body and mind. As result, it is possible one can accomplish so much more.


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