Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Recently, I decided I had to do something with my ever-increasing library.
Books were starting to be piled on top of neat rows of books lined up on the
book shelves in my office. Still other books found their way into the TV unit
with videos, the bedroom book shelf was full and still others were on the
dining room display shelves.

Yes, I could take them to a use bookstore, yet, I felt like I wanted to
something special with them for many of them have helped me grow and learn things
through the years and I wanted to share. Many were instrumental in me starting
and growing my career in training on business communication skills.

Last week, I read about a website called There you can register a book and get a tracking number,
download a plate that is placed in the book and write a brief review of the book. Then
you purposely leave it some place so that someone can have it free.

Why did I do it?

1. Great way to downsize my library.
2. Remind me "why" I liked the book so much in the first place.
3. Gives people who may not be able to afford it a way to get read a
book that might make a difference in their lives.

Finally, since I teach Networking, I couldn't help but smile. I hadn't thought
of a book networking -- yet, I learned when a person finds the book, they can
go to the website listed on the plate and learn where it has traveled.


When beginning to speak in front of a group of people, do not say things like:
"I'm nervous, I hope I don't forget what I was going to say;" "I think I am awake now,
I hope I don't stumble over my words;" "I'm not sure exactly what I am going to say--yet
here it goes." If you think I made those up -- think again -- I heard all of them this
week. Remember, people are making an impression of you within the first seven seconds.

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