Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kathy's Connection


One of the many results of writing articles is that people are finding me through a variety of ways. About a month ago, a Senior Management person found an excerpt from one my articles on Then when he put my name into the search engine my name came to the top.

Mike Hayden then asked me to review his new book "The Ultimate Career Builder." I carved out some time and began reading it and was delighted to see that Mike had developed a manual that truly reflects what people "Need" to do to document their careers.

I wrote a testimonial and was delighted he included it in his book. Last week, he asked if he could put my testimonial on the front cover. What do you think I said?

At any rate, go to Mike's website so that you are notified when it is officially released. Great for helping track and aid the development of your career.


Every day, move through at least one mental block and that is urging you to slow down and take some time off or find something to eat.

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