Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Friday morning I checked my calendar and I was scheduled to a take tour of the hospital. Through my Vancouver Rotary, we have developed a fund called the "Alexa Dyer Life Challenge Award." When families are losing their children under the age of 21, we award funds to help families with their mortgage, utility bills and even car repairs. The funds was developed after a Rotarian lost his little girl, Alexa, to cancer. He knew first-hand the challenges families face as they attempt to spend as much possible with their children.

There was a "strong" thought in my mind -- "I really don't have to go. The Committee won't miss me. I have a number of things I should be doing in the office." Yet, I stayed with my commitment to myself -- "If it is in my daytime and it was important enough to write it in, it is important enough to do. "

It would have been my lost had I not gone. The Chief of Staff of the Childrens' Hospital took one-half hour to explain the efforts of the hospital and the plans for enlargement in the future. Unfortunately, cancerous tumors in children is becoming more prevalent.

We met the people in charge of their day-to-day care and smiled as we learned how hard they work to keep the families as normal as possible. Handmade charts on each child's door displayed the names of friends/pets and things that they liked to do. My eyes lit on one that said "I like learning to read." Unfortunately, this child was expected to live only about another week.

I was the one that gained from my follow-through.


Always take a piece of paper with you so that you have a place to write a note to yourself when you have a great idea. You'd be amazed how quickly you forget if you do not capture the great idea at the moment.

ALWAYS take a notepad to meetings......Nothing worse than forgetting your assignment.

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