Sunday, January 03, 2010


Why does it take a new year to make us think things will miraculously change if we turn the page of the calendar? From my vantage point, switching calendars has never made that much difference in my life.

I do believe I will scream if I get one more spam email suggesting how to set my goals for 2010. By the way, have you heard there is a controversy about whether we should say Twenty Ten or Two Thousand and Ten? Please! I think we have many more important things to concern ourselves with in our lives.

Okay, got all of that off my chest. Now what am I really going to do?

As the year closed, I finished a really interesting historical novel “Palm Springs”. Since I am living here through the end of March, it was fun to read about sites and people that affected this community. My walks have become more interesting since I now know “why” certain places received their names. It’s the little things that make these walks more interesting.

For those who know me the phrase “It’s the little things” has guided my life in many ways. Taught by my parents to observe and ask questions, this phrase is seemingly taking on a new meaning for me. I say that, because I have let that phrase almost disappear from my vocabulary.

I am reminded of this because I have started taking the time to look up a the mountains and at one point at 9:30 a.m. a gigantic angel appears on the side of the mountain (Thus, the name of number of organizations with the name angel in them….one of which is actually called “Angel View”.) It is the little details that make one’s eyes truly focus on this amazing site.

New Year’s Day I was up very early and went to the grocery store to get some treats for a wonderful breakfast for myself. As I went out to the car, there the rising sun behind the tall palm trees created a site that was breathtaking.

People are choosing a theme to live by during the coming year. I didn’t have to come up with a new one. I am just glad that I was reminded that I have to slow down a bit, enjoy the things and people around me. A dear friend here is dying of liver cancer. We are blessed that he lived through Thanksgiving, not alone Christmas and New Years. This wonderful man, who never hugs, honored me with a hug upon my arrival one day.

Therefore, as I begin this year, I look forward to stopping and taking in the little things that make a big difference in my attitude, business and most importantly my friendships.


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