Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This week I had the opportunity to go a Chapter Meeting of the Oregon National Speakers Association It was of particular interest since Rebecca L. Morgan was the speaker. 

I admired Rebecca from afar because of her newsletter SpeakerNet News The newsletter requests readers to send in their helpful hints and Rebecca and her business partner sort through them and send the newsletter out each Friday. More than once, an “aha” surfaced that would solve an issue that had been bothering me.

What is interesting, that my preconceived idea of Rebecca was that she was home in her jammies producing the newsletter. The interesting fact is that her theme for the night was “How to make money in your Jammies. While Rebecca talked about working from home, she talked about working from Dubai, places in Asia and Hawaii.  Hmmmm…now why hadn’t I thought of that?

As I sat there, I realized I had many products that could just be packed and printed in hard copy or transferred to EBooks. I have written my Ezine “Weekly Wisdom” for about seven years. How many more people have to tell me they would be delighted to buy a copy of book containing Weekly Wisdom? 

Then there is my blog. Surely, I can go through them and put them into a series of articles that pertain to communication. Now let’s see, do I make an EBook first or print the hardcopy first?

The issue of posting one’s articles on sites that accept articles with the understanding others could use the them for free. Now how come I never thought--to contact the place that posted my article and asked if I could be a regular contributing author? (If you go to and put in Kathy Condon you can read my articles posted there)

Finally, there was the point….write something every day. Hmmm…that is easy enough for me and since I write swiftly, imagine what I could be producing in a short time?

Oh yes, if you want to sign up for “Weekly Wisdom” go to my website    (For those of you are surprised to see my old website….keep the faith—a major glitch occurred and for the time being my old website is up. To tell you the truth……I’d rather talk to you in person anyway. (360) 695-4313.)

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  1. Hi Kathy:

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you got value from my presentation!