Wednesday, August 18, 2010


While at first glance a one-on-one meeting may seem be an extremely slow way to market, it actually can be the most effective. Remember the Hare and the Tortoise -- who came out the winner? I am interested in learning new things and understand that people are interesting and have much to teach me if I take the time to listen.

What if you take a new approach to your marketing? I know the days are frantic with work and issues to solve. Yet, taking the time to have coffee with a person you met at an event can reap huge rewards.

It’s Relaxing

Stopping to have a cup of coffee with someone at the local coffee shop changes the pace in your day. Trust me; you’ll come back to the office with a new outlook.

You Learn

You do not quite understand what Louise does at the XYZ Company? By the end of the meeting you will know more about Louise and Louise will understand more clearly what you do.

You have a New Contact

Maybe you don’t need Louise’s services but you will be amazed how quickly someone crosses your path that could use her services. You refer her to your friend -- your friend wins, Louise wins and so do you because you become known for sharing great information.

You may get a Referral

Louise liked you -- she sends you a referral. It may not be immediate, it may be a year, yet it will happen when you least expect it.

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  1. I do agree with this: taking the time to form a relationship with someone ensures they will be more interested in you than a passerby or a casual stranger or a participant at a seminar. I have had more response from a one-on-one than I have from lecturing to halls packed with people sometimes. Thanks for this blog.
    Rosanne Dingli

  2. Thanks, Rosanne...I just did an experiment about people who are social media feeling it is not necessary to do face-to-face networking. Story is just about complete......Let's just say I'm upping my advertising why face-to-face networking is needed even more.