Monday, October 24, 2005


Often I have people asking me if they can call someone up that they haven't seen or talked to in two or three years. They fear that they had not been good at keeping in touch and the person would not welcome a phone call. Well last Thursday night I got a phone call from Scott Ginsberg.
We met when we both were speakers at conference in Portland. Scott is about to celebrate his five-year anniversary of wearing a nametag. The stories he has to tell!

Since I was leaving for the Washington beaches mid-morning Friday, we decided the only time we could connect was for breakfast. I picked Scott up as he was finishing a phone call with editor of a major magazine. One of his quizzes will be published. (I forgot to ask Scott if I could say which one -- In any case, you would be impressed).

For the next hour we shared ideas, connections and happenings in our lives....the positive energy flew! We didn't want to stop the conversation or the energy that was flying -- yet, we valued that the fact that we connected face-to-face.


Keep your contact program up to date. If you are in the area where someone you had connected with at some level, give them a call and see if you can arrange a time to reconnect. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. The person you call will be impressed you remembered them.

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