Sunday, December 11, 2005


I spent an intense week (28 hours) in the classroom with 14 people from throughout the nation, including St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Eric Allenbaugh taught us tools that will help employees to be even more successful.

Eric's premise is that we should spend our time working with the 80 percent at the top of the organization. They want to keep learning and growing, and it is important to help them, instead of spending all our time/funds on the bottom 20 percent. With emphasis on top employees, retention is often less of an issue.

Since I am already certified in "Interact -- a Personal Strength Profile, I could readily see the application of this profile for performance coaching and team building. Once again, it all comes back to teaching people how to communicate with each other, including telling others what you need and want to be even more successful.


Read newspapers and magazine articles about working with people from the different generations. You will not remember everything you read. Yet, it will be a good reminder that not all of us want to be talked to and rewarded in the same way. Learn more about the certification

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