Sunday, April 01, 2007


Last week I was pleased to be a speaker on Intergenerational Communication at the California State Workability Conference in San Francisco. My goal was an overflow audience and I am pleased to say that is what happened.

It was great for this group was very open, had great questions and shared their own stories and ideas. The Conference Team was gracious -- can't say enough good things about the experience. The conversations after my presentation were extremely informative. It pointed out to me once again the importance of staying around and talking to people after you speak or do a training--often that is where your own real learning begins.

I flew into the Oakland Airport and decided to take the mass transit system BART to downtown San Francisco. From the airport you have to take a bus to the first BART station---$3 exact change is required. Then you go to a machine and get a card so you can go through the turntables......My cost from the first station to downtown San Francisco was a total of $3.35.

Instead of a $30 one-way shuttle ride, I made the one-way trip for $6.35 and it was easy and relaxing.


When you travel to new cities, make notes about the airport transportation, the hotel and your favorite place to go to dinner. Keep the information in your contact program -- the next time you visit the city you will have access to some helpful information.

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