Monday, April 30, 2007


Last Thursday I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker at the Northwest Career Educators
and Employees Association's 10th Annual Conference in Vancouver, Washington. Enjoyed the interaction with the audience a great deal.

What a terrific, energetic group of people. The great thing is that all the various generations were represented on the Board that did a terrific job of planning. There were people from as far away as New York.

Since I was the first speaker of the conference, I was pleased to be able to stay around and talk individually with attendees and attend a couple of break-out sessions. I had a great opportunity to grow too.

During the Awards Luncheon I had the opportunity to learn how colleges/universities were not only working with students on projects, but were helping to enhance the community at the same time. Students/participants that received awards went far beyond textbook learning for they did outstanding projects that included: persistence, networking and creativity.


If you are traveling to another city, go to your home Internet Page. Put in the city that is in
your plans and add it to your personal weather section. Then you can watch the temperature, including the ability to get a 10-day advance forecast. Definitely helps with your wardrobe planning.

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