Tuesday, May 08, 2007


When I was asked by the Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA) http://www.printmusic.org
to speak at that their national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I was thrilled. I was born and raised in Wisconsin-Tomah to be exact (100 miles NW of Madison) so I immediately figured out a way to visit my brother in Madison.

I flew into Chicago O'Hare and rented a car and drove the 68 miles to Milwaukee. There is nothing more beautiful than Wisconsin in the springtime. Trees were leafing out, apple blossom were out etc. Yet, my role was to speak on "Intergenerational Communications." Since I knew most of the people in attendance owned music stores and hired X and Y Generation employees I focused my talk on how to talk to and reward people in these generations. It turned out to be a highly interactive session and people were willing to share both their successes and frustrations. I applaud the owners of the stores that brought their employees......in fact, many of these employees were great at reinforcing some of the concepts that we were discussing.

After the sessions, I headed to Madison and I was able to have a quiet evening with my brother who promptly helped me become even more literate with my new laptop computer.


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