Monday, June 04, 2007


During the last couple of weeks I have had some great one-on-one communications. It reminded me the importance of sitting down over coffee or lunch with just one person so that you learn something about them as an individual.

Brandie Kajino is a delightful young woman that called me up after she had heard me speak at Rotary's Regional Leadership Conference on "How to attract and retain the X Generation. "It was great having her confirm the statements that I made were very accurate.

We met at a local coffee shop and proceeded to have a great interchange. I learned about her business---smiles broadly when she talks about helping people rearrange their living areas and then helps shop for the perfect accessory to complete the look. Then we both laughed when we started to talk about the states of number of offices. She loves the challenge transforming messy offices.

Al Malone a Customer Category Manager for Kraft Foods had often sent me a note after receiving my Weekly Wisdom. Sign up for it on my website:

I called him up and we set a date/time to meet for lunch. Not only did I learn about the position of Customer Category Manager, I had a delightful exchange of conversation from a fascinating man who lives in our community.

Finally, I headed to California to do a training, yet, was asked by a new friend in California to come to her home for dinner the night before. I had the pleasure of meeting her family of animals, enjoyed a tour of her home and enjoyed her great cooking abilities. Once again, an evening where I truly got to know someone better.


If you have a major project that takes great concentration, plan to work on it when you are most alert. For some people it means early in the morning (I get up at 5:15 a.m. because my mind is so clear) for others it means carving time out late in the evening. Often I have given up working a project and tackle it the following morning--amazing how much easier is to come up with some creative ideas.

PS Check out I am going to be one of the speakers on June 22, 2007.

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