Monday, June 18, 2007


Fortunately, I am one of the those people that absolutely loves her work. I have a high need for variety, so my career that involves writing, speaking, training and one-on-one coaching fits my emotional needs perfectly.

There are all kinds of things that are not my favorite thing to do in connection with my career. Keeping papers I need for taxes has developed into a routine, yet, entering them into an accounting program has been delegated to my competent CPA, Steve Staudinger.

My beauty and health needs have been delegated to professionals. I listen to them and make sure I follow their suggestions---we work as a team.

My editing needs are provided by Steve Schone We have never met in person, yet, have developed a great relationship.

Technology?? I have come to the conclusion it is like having a financial manager. I have someone to "manage" my computer needs. You can rely on your financial manager, yet, it is still important for you to know how to review the monthly statements--ultimately, it is your responsibility.

Thus, I have to keep up with a basic understanding of new technology so that I can use it to enhance the way I reach people through my coaching, presentations and speaking--only then can I direct my computer person. (My VERY computer literate brother and sister are quite amazed at how I am keeping up! They know this is not one of my innate skills/or interests. I consider this one of the highest of compliments from them.) If I can do it--you can.


If you are consultant, speaker or trainer, a great website to sign-up for is:

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