Sunday, May 18, 2008


It has been a week of learning and making decisions. Thanks to a wonderful marketing person, Shelly Fleming, I am moving to a new level in my collateral images. It was interesting to have a focus group and come up with words that describe me....fascinating. It seems yellow is a color that sort of represents me. Thus, I am pretty sure the new logo will have yellow in it some place.

I also took time to have lunch and coffee with different people. It is always so amazing how good I feel after meeting with people. There is so much to learn about others and I was blessed with attracting people last week with lots of positive energy....perfect.

This week brought lots of action regarding a "Leadership Training" that I am helping to design for the State of California. Art Lopez of California State Department of Rehabilitation in Fresno had a vision and it is terrific to have the opportunity to put some framework around it. He is pleased that the Fresno Behavior Mental Health Department is also taking a lead in developing the training for Managers and Supervisors which will involve Business Leaders and Community Partners.


This week I learned that I was not purchasing a cellphone. I was informed that I was purchasing a Mobile Device. Just got it today.....Blackberry Curve......I'll let you know my reaction to far so good.

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