Friday, April 30, 2010


Some professionals reading this they are going to say, “She has to be kidding”. However, before you pass judgment let me explain why this works for me.

About a year ago, I wrote down 17 things that are important to me to do in order to live the kind of life that brings me joy and success.

Some of the categories:

Write in grateful Journal
Write an article (For my new book, blog or to be posted as free article online)
Read an article or book
Work on finances
Send out two proposals per week
Receive a new coaching
Send thank you or congratulation notes
Learn a new word in French
Take a whole day off without phone or emails just to play

Since these areas are important to me I, decided I needed a way to see if I was accomplishing items in these categories on a regular basis. How would I do that?

In a conversation, a coach mentioned that when she exercises she put a sticker on her day timer page. (Yes, some of us still use them. Quicker to check dates and we have room to write ourselves notes quickly without wasting time opening our Smart Phones). Her sticker idea immediately sparked a creative cord with me.

What would happen if I bought a 30-day wall calendar with large blocks that would hold stickers? Went to the office supply store and found one with great scenes on it. Then I headed to the sticker department and bought sticks of various colors.

Next project. Hung the calendar is an area where I would constantly see it. Then proceeded to make a table of contents with the things I wanted to accomplish, and affixed a certain color sticker right after it. The key was developed.

I had been out of my own home for eight months while working on a special project. As result, I didn’t have my calendar or my stickers. Now I am back in the swing of things and all I have to do is look up at my calendar and I can see where I falling down on achieving my goals or taking care of my happiness factory.

Feels like I am back on track with my life. By the way, the sticker for my “Day Off” is a happy looking monkey—he makes me smile and reminds me how important that day off is to my well-being and my success.

How do you keep track to make sure you are on path with your goals?


  1. Thanks, Katlin...and it certainly works for me.

  2. I love this idea, Kathy! I started something similar but it is on a spreadsheet and not as much fun as stickers.