Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Just had one of the most frustrating afternoons in regard to customer service.

1. Went to a mobile phone store. Had an unopened car charger purchased about four months ago. Wanted to trade it in for a charger for my new Droid Incredible. I was told, we don’t return anything after 30 days. I said, “That’s fine, I just want store credit.”

Reply, sorry we don’t do that. Upon further questioning, it became apparent that the salesperson was in no position to satisfy me and she had no authority to do anything but follow the rules.
I went out of the store muttering to myself.

2. Second stop. A bank kiosk that touts the ease of depositing checks, no envelopes needed. Used my debit card, pressed the appropriate buttons for a deposit. Notice comes up,” This station is unable to accept deposits”.

Yup, you guessed it, no envelopes available either so I could not make a deposit.

3. Next stop office supply store. Returning a $64 set of ink cartridges for a printer. No problem returning except for the fact that I would only get $43 back in cash because the rest of it had been purchased with their own rewards store coupons.

Even stranger is that I had purchased at the same time a cooler for my laptop so one could easily assume the reward coupons could apply to the $35 purchase of the cooler. Nope….coupons had to be divided between the two products.

Then the final insult….three paper coupons of varying prices were handed to me to make up the difference---$21. I asked, “Would you please put this dollar amount on one of your cards so I do not have to carry them around?” The reply was “Sorry, the computer doesn’t allow us to do that.”

Have to say, I just stood there in total amazement. I said “Do you have a customer survey form available?” Two managers showed up, both of them apologizing profusely and said “Sorry, we don’t have one, but here’s the corporate number.”

Yup, I went out of the store muttering again. What an amazing one-hour experience. I decided it was best that I head home.

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