Friday, June 25, 2010


A couple of nights ago I decided to Google my name to see where my articles and comments are showing up with search engines. I had delved back into pages four or five pages in a long time because I figured most people wouldn’t go there anyway. Yet, it was good resource for me to see who was publishing my free articles.

About page five, there was website where I had commented on a well-known networker’s site. She had outlined great steps for networking at an event. However, I commented that she had missed the last step. Thus I stated I felt it was to call the person up and set up a face-to-face meeting, perhaps over a cup of coffee.

Here reply, “Kathy, good observation, however I feel that is a ‘waste of time’ now we use social media for the next step.” It was late at night and I knew I was irritated so decided to let it go. Obviously, I haven’t since I am writing this blog.

For the next two days I was out and about at meetings that I had set up solely for the purpose of networking. At each stop, now keep in mind these were all different age groups, I asked the question, “How important do you think face-to-face first meetings are to build rapport with a person? Can the same thing be accomplished with social media without meeting in person?”

What was fascinating was the look on their faces? Since they knew I taught networking, they looked at me like that was one of the craziest things I have ever asked. The answer, 100 percent, was “No, sitting down with a person is where you really learn about a person.”

My hunch was right in my small survey. Social media is too superficial and you cannot hear the tone of their voice or see their body language. You only have words. Yes, I know video is being used to a great extent in social media, however, as we all know, that can be edited at any given point.

As a professional, I guard my recommendations closely. I need to know if the person is really who they say they are. A recent article in a Wharton School of Business newsletter illustrates how people are providing untruths in their resumes and social media profiles.

This week, I had two lunches and coffee with people that were set up for the expressed purpose of getting to know the individuals better. Ideas flowed and we figured out ways we can help each other. Interestingly, we have been connected on social media and occasionally write on each other’s LinkedIn wall http://www.linkedin/.com or comment on Face Book

However, it wasn’t until we sat down in a relaxed atmosphere were we able to share our recent experiences, challenge each other and truly connect. Just for the record, any of these people I met with this week, I would be happy to recommend. I am convinced they love what they do. Their body language was congruent with what they were saying. Nothing better than recommending a person that truly enjoys his/her life’s work.

What is your opinion of in-person versus social media networking? I welcome your comments.


  1. Nothing is better than meeting face-to-face! Great post!
    In seminars I also recommend using the phone instead of email for some connections:

    Online networking is a tool that has some benefits. However, trust is built meeting people and seeing their faces and reactions.


  2. Totally agree with you, Jordi.....In fact, just received a phone call today from someone I hadn't chatted with in over a month...really was smiling when I hung up.

    Happy week....Kathy