Saturday, September 10, 2005


Once again, I had a terrific week spending quality time with people. One of them was Jean Rahn from the SW Medical Center Foundation. She joined my Vancouver Rotary, yet we hadn't taken time to learn about each other. Over a cup of coffee at the Java House we learned how much we had in common, including knowing people in Ft. Collins where she had moved from six months ago.

I teach all the time, take time to have a cup of coffee with people so learn about them personally. Once again, I am soooo glad I did--I'm looking forward to spending more time with Jean.

Another night met for drinks at Beaches -- got caught up with what some of my friends were up to ---- As I suspected, they too are out and about learning new things. I have never figured out how anyone can be bored living in the Northwest.

Had dinner with Karen Sheridan, own of the Money Mistique in Portland, OR. We met at her loft apartment in the Pearl and proceeded to walk to a wonderful Greek Restaurant,
Eleni's Philoxenia at 112 NW 9th Street.

Karen and I hadn't seen each other in about two years so it was great to connect again.


Even if you have not talked to someone in five years, you can still call them up to connect or ask for advice. Think of how good you would feel if you got a call out of the blue from someone you met at conference five years ago. It is flattering to be remembered.

I'm off tonight to Vancouver, WA's new theatre --- Going to see the play "Road Rage" with a bunch of my friends.

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