Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kathy's Connection


This week, my colleague, Paula Johnson, and I trained in Salinas,
California. We worked with people who work with people with disabilities. My role is to help them learn how to communicate with the business world.

During the morning session I helped them understand how to prepare a resume that will get Hiring Managers attention. More than one person was surprised when I said most people need a two-page resume. The point is that if you "try" to get it on a one page you have to leave out many of the great things you have accomplished during the last ten years.

(One should go out ten years only on his/her resume unless it is with the same company).

It was great, because in the afternoon we had a panel of five local business people who didn't know it; yet, they reinforced everything I had said in the June training about networking.

They shared what they were looking for in employees.....Showing up on time, honesty and enthusiasm were at the top of their list. I had told the group that not everyone wants/needs to be a team player--it so happened three of the five specifically said "We want team players."

Do not even consider putting anything on your resume that is not totally accurate. Relationships are built on trust --- no half truths.

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