Monday, December 18, 2006

Kathy's Connection


Actually, as I wrote that headline, I kind smiled. Yes, that means a few people in my life too. Though I originally was thinking about stuff that was irritating me.

For example, I bought a phone system with three handsets.
I forgot to program my Mom's number on one of them and it turned out that was the handset that I constantly was picking up. Not any more. Sat down in front of the TV news, got the manual out and now when I come back from vacation I will not have that irritation.

Where does one put all the receipts that accumulate in one's purse. Amazing how four hanging folders work to "drop" them in after I have circled the recipient, the date and the amount. Now matching to bank statement is easy.

Laundry room. Who would've ever thought making it routine to clean the laundry room each week too. No longer are clothes "waiting" to be ironed pile has become a "must" to iron anything in there each week.

New daytimer--yes, I still use one. It is so much easier and I do not have to keep anyone waiting while I check my PDA and the notified works great for capture my latest great idea.

At any rate, I have transferred names/numbers that I use all the time. Even if they are programmed in my cellphone it gives me quick reference when I want to pass on the names/numbers for networking purpose.

Magazines that never got read this year have found their way to my condo recyling room. We are getting better and better at sharing magazines here, which results, of course, in less paper going into our environment.


Make sure you make some appointments for the week you get back from vacation. Nothing worse -- a blank calendar when you are back. You want to start your year off with a positive mode....not the "Wish I would've thought to set up some appointment" mode.

MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT WEEKLY WISDOM -- When you forward them, tell them they too can get it every week on my website. I am pleased to say in January it will be the beginning of my third year sending Weekly Wisdom.

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