Monday, January 01, 2007

Kathy's Connection


Starting 2007 watching the ball in a NYC was a site that I had not seen for a while. Normally, I head to bed and invariably I am awaken by fireworks. Yet, this year I had dinner with a friend, saw a terrific movie "Painted Veil" and walked around downtown Portland, Oregon and marvelled at the beautiful white lights that appeared to be every where. The falling ball was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

I vowed that I would have everything fixed in my home -- that including a TV stand that needed gluing, bulbs that needed to be replaced and even magazines recycled. The goal was to have things in order so that I could really concentrate on my career the minute January 2nd arrived. Yes, that is right. I had a goal and I am proud to say the goal has been accomplished. There it is again, the importance of goal! Without a road map, a person cannot get there. Trust me, there were numerous things that came up that could've gotten me off track -- yet, I made it.

Yes, I am starting out the year smiling and just know 2007 is going to be very good year. My daughter, Kara, has invited me join her in New York City next Friday and we intend to explore and I have set up some appointments that will impact my career.


If you are a small business owner and accounting is not your expertise, I have a recommendation for you. Hire someone to do your Quicken input. Not only will it free you up so that you do activities that are good at and enjoy, you'll know at all times exactly where you stand in regard to income and expenses. If only I had received that advice when I started out!!!!

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