Monday, October 29, 2007


For 18 years I have been going to Long Beach, Washington. It is on a peninsula and has 22 miles of beaches that one can drive on. This is a place that needs to be shared with family and friends. Since there is not a great deal to do up there, family dinners, walks and even board games are more than likely part of the activities for any gathering.

I had heard about digging for razor clams, yet, never found myself up there on the weekend that was scheduled for a harvest weekend. This time it was different. I was invited to a friend's beach house, and she had been going up there for approximately 50 years. Obviously, I had a pro to each me.

Fortunately, the tide went out at 5 :30 p.m. so it was light and easy to find the nesting (Not sure that is the right word) clams. Rosie showed us how to spot them, and then how to push the long cylinder into the sand quickly and then pull it out. At first I ended up with a cylinder with sand only. Finally, I pulled up the cylinder and there was my first clam. You have to move quickly for their amazing structure enables them to quickly dig themselves back into the sand.

Yes, I did learn to clean them too. Reminded me of my days fishing with my Dad in Wisconsin. I smiled when I thought about it for a skill learned long ago came into play.


Passwords abound in the land of the Internet. If you are like me, I started getting extremely confused which site needed which passwords. I have to give my brother credit for this idea. He brought out his small loose leaf notebooks and showed me his system. It has an alphabetical index, so it easy to flip it open to the site and find your ID and password.

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