Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am a faithful member of Netflixs.

Yet, there are certain movies I have decided might be more effective on the big screen. This week I decided to go see "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." This is a true story about the editor of "Elle" magazine that had a stroke in his 40s.

This is a French film and I believed it would be easier to read the captions on a big screen. Not only was it easier to read the caption, it gave me a bird's eye view of what a stroke patient experiences -- the views from the bed, wheelchair and when people "talked" to him.

Parts of it were difficult for me to watch because my Mom had a similar kind of stroke. The up side is that I realized that my belief that she knew and understood everything I said to her was confirmed. It is amazing story about how one man used the blinking of one eye to create a book that made it easier for all of us to understand the world of a stroke victim that cannot
move or talk.

This movie is a "gift" to all of us.


When going to a networking event, plan to meet no more than three people in an hour. That way you will be able to really learn about the other person. Remember people hire people they like and know.......a quick passing out of your contact card will not build relationships.

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