Sunday, January 06, 2008


OK, I'll admit it I didn't send out any holiday cards. So much is going on during the holidays it seems like just "one more thing." Then, of course, I rationalized that people are too busy and they don't have time to savor my great choice of cards or words. '

Instead, I am taking time now to call up people for a cup of coffee or sending a note to let them know that I am thinking of them. Have to admit I am enjoying this new approach for me.

Oh yes, I also am a fortunate woman who has a 96 year old wonderful Aunt. I took the time to write her a 2.5 page letter in 14 point font so it was easier for her to read. No question, it was a special writing to her and filling in her in our families happenings. Imagine my surprise when I got a note back from her complete with two pictures so that you I could see her and all my
cousins. Wonderful!!!


A trip to an office supply store served as wake up call to all the great organizers there are to help de-clutter one's office. I successfully organized my papers into four piles. Now the question was how to file them. File space is now at a minimum in my home office. There they were great looking black plastic boxes that accommodates hanging files. Perfect! My officeis looking terrific!

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