Sunday, January 18, 2009


The suitcases are unpacked. Most of the Belgium chocolate delivered to grateful friends. Groceries have been brought in and the house is cleaned. Time to get the focus on plans for 2009.

Before I left on my three-week journey, I took twelve folders and wrote each month on them. Things that I absolutely want to do, have found their way into one of the folders. When I opened up January, I smiled for there were reminders of things to do that I might have forgotten. Looks like this is going to work great for me.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I have opened a whole new world by getting active in "social networking". As one Tweeter said "information overload." So obviously one of the keys to productivity this year is managing my time. Social networking is addictive -- and you are never done.

Starting to work on my networking book and have already decided not to write much about "social networking". Technology is changing rapidly. The book would be outdated before it is even printed.

The handwritten thank you note waiting for me in my mail brought a smile to my face--nothing like the personal note.


If you want new business tips that works, read a book written by Og Mandino. Delightful way to learn "little things" that make a difference.

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