Friday, January 30, 2009


After spending three weeks in Europe over the holidays, I came home and started pouring it on for my career. Since I enjoy it so much, I worked every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. My mind was clear and there seems to be so many ideas that needed to be implemented now.

The ideas flowed faster than I could put them into place. My bulletin board started to become covered with sticky notes with ideas. While out and about, my little notebook was the recipient of still more ideas.

Since Twitter was now part of my regular routine, that needed attention. Oh yes, then there was Facebook and LinkedIn. It is amazing what you learn when you click on the links people are providing, particularly on Twitter. With LinkedIn I keep up with my professional colleagues with whom I have something in common and Facebook, while much more casual, one still learns a great deal what is happening in our world.

By the end of the day, I had little energy and I was exercising. Clearly I was burning myself out and it was time for a break. Time to take day off without phones and emails.

Yesterday, I lounged in bed until I was ready to get up. Looked out and it was very foggy. Longing to see sun, I trusted that the weatherman was right and it would burn off. Picked up the house, got myself dressed in slacks and sweater I enjoyed and went out to the car. There was no plan.

While crossing the Columbia River the fog grew thicker. Finally decided to turn west and took “the road less traveled”. As the elevation increased, the fog lessened and there was sun. I drove around stopping and sometimes window-shopping wherever I wanted. There were no real great new discoveries during the course of the day. Roamed through a Powell’s Bookstore that I had not seen in Beaverton area.

Drove back into Vancouver, Washington and the fog was still thick – apparently, the sun never surfaced during the day. Came home and put in a pizza in the oven, sat back and watched a good movie. Went to bed early.

This morning the world looks so much brighter (even though we still have fog). Ideas are flowing again – yet, this time I have more energy to implement them.


Do you have white boards that are stained in your office?

Turns out plain old rubbing alcohol will clean them up quickly.

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