Sunday, February 01, 2009


Recently I was talking with my son-in-law and I said “Weekly Wisdom” is now three years old. He replied, “You have been writing it a lot longer than that”. I just looked back and sure enough, my weekly positive Ezine has been going out since February of 2004. "Weekly Wisdom" has a one line quote, no more than 4.5 lines, which explains why I like it and a question to challenge you for the week. It is a quick read and attracts new readers daily.

To use an old cliché it is amazing “how time flies when you are having fun.” It certainly is not a chore for me to sit down and write this brief message each week. Half the fun is keeping my ears and eyes open to great one-liners that I can comment on each week.

It is time “Weekly Wisdom” gets the attention it deserves. A logo is being designed. A packet of 52 “Weekly Wisdoms” printed on contact size cards has moved beyond the planning stage. People will be able to draw their own quote for the week.

The proof to me that “Weekly Wisdom” is being appreciated is the emails that arrive from people who are changing jobs and ask me to change their email address. Comments are always welcome and you will receive a reply back from me.

Remember “Weekly Wisdom” can be forwarded. Better still have your friends and colleagues sign up for their own Monday email on my new website in the upper right-hand corner.


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