Thursday, February 12, 2009

Networking Events have the “Right” Ingredients

This has been a week where I have been out and about my community. It seems people were thinking that this week is a good week to hold events. Apparently, it was because the events were well attended.

People ask me how I decide which events to attend. Frankly, my criteria are simple:

Will I learn something?

Will I have a good time?

Once I decide to go, I make a reservation – the more times you can get your name and company down in writing the better. If you do not make a reservation, you are missing opportunities to have your name and company on lists for future invitations. I would much rather get an invitation for events I am not interested in than being left off lists when something of great interest comes along.

One event was a retirement party. My friend, Beth Taylor, is retiring from “Partners in Careers”. She said it was to be “low-key event”. Walked in and many leaders in our community were sharing in the festivities—the room was packed. I connected with people I hadn’t seen in ages.

Had a good chat about new avenues to promote my book “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s all about Communication”. I smiled as I went out the door to the next event.

Two women got together six of us last August to talk about a networking event for professional women. These same two women Cindy Johnson, Vancouver Business Journal and Shelly Fleming of Fleming Marketing Group stood in amazement as approximately 75 women walked into the Heathman Lodge’s Klicktat Room last night.

Gale Volk of Fitness with Purpose did an excellent job of showing us some simple tips that will help us maintain our bone density. It was great; she gave us the statistics first.. then moved into the positive stuff.

In my mind, each one of these events broadened my understanding of my community, let me connect with friends and help me learn….the perfect combination.


Okay, this probably is a blatant plug for my book with the same title, yet, I am convinced the way to truly move forward and get what you want is ask. Remember “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask.”

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