Tuesday, February 03, 2009


It had been a busy day. Sprinkled among computer issues, I was taking care of emails and getting some writing done. Spent some time on Twitter.

I have reached 800 followers on Twitter. Checked on my Twitter rank quality. I am ranked 98.8 out of a possible 100. Smiling about the rank. Of course, now I want to be ranked at 100.

At the end of the day, I called my friend Gayle Beacock, Vice President of Beacock Music. http://www.beacockmusic.com It was so good to be curled up on the sofa and get caught up on what is happening in her world. Unlike many retailers, Beacock Music is flourishing. It seems people are turning to music in this unusual time.

Our conversation led to the discussion of what makes a good speaker and trainer. She had heard me speak many times. She said “Kathy, you actually do the things your suggest people implement into their lives. You are believable because you do it.”

Gayle is speaking at more and more international and national music conferences. In fact, I’m not sure there is any conference Gayle attends now that she is not asked to speak. We talked about the “why” she is received enthusiastically. The more we talked, it became evident to us that it is because she actually does what she was speaking and training. She knows and trains their employees on great customer service on a daily basis.

Our conclusion, if you want to be real, authentic, or believable—whatever word you want to use—it appears to be very important that you actually work in the field. You can make your points with real stories events that unfold every day in your world.

By the way, I hung up the phone and smiled. Nothing like a conversation with a friend that stretches your thinking. Remember true friends know you well and will share with you suggestions that will help you be an even better person.


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