Saturday, February 14, 2009


My good friend, Shelly Fleming of Fleming Marketing Group sent me an email this morning and asked me that very question. She was referring to the links that I forward when I think it is of particular interest to her or her clients.

I finished cleaning up the kitchen and asked myself “Where do I get this good stuff”? Stepping back I realized that, perhaps, I am a bit unusual in that I believe when you learn something fun/great – give it away! My parents taught me to be curious and relationships were a major part of my childhood. I watched Mom and Dad nurture relationships on many occasions.

To me it seems perfectly natural to let others know what you are learning. As an Executive Coach, I tell clients once they are a client they are in the forefront of my mind. When I hear things that will help them, connect with people they should meet or hear about a new model for success they will hear from me.

Yes, I am a Twitter

Yes, I am on LinkedIn

Learning Facebook:

No question, many of the things I learn come from the places listed. However, I also get my information from selected newsletters. You cannot read them all, yet choose a few from your industry and read them and forward the great information you find in them.


Curious about the links after Facebook? Great, I wanted you to notice---go to learn how to shorten long link addresses.

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  1. thanks for sharing all the info Kathy!