Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Is your email “In Box” stressing you out?

As I start to write this blog, I have 208 emails sitting in my “In box”. I need to take the time and literally put each email into the appropriate bucket. It truly is amazing how much different one feels when you are not staring at your entire computer screen full of emails.

The buckets are:

Action (Work to be done soon)

Pending (Have replied and waiting for an answer)

Read (Newsletters that I know I cannot live without. Speaker Net News is a must read. )

During the holidays and into the middle of January I was not in my office. I had some success handling emails from afar, yet, when I got home, the backlog was huge. Since that time, I have been writing and developing new proposals and email handling is at the bottom of my to-do-list.

This morning as the emails started flying in, my stress/frustration mounted. That’s it! This afternoon after Rotary, I am going to categorize the emails so my computer screen is bare of old emails.


Develop folders for each of your accounts. Business credit card, Business debit card, Personal credit card, Personal debit card, and cash. At the end of the day take your receipts, circle the date, amount, and the account number, and drop them into the appropriate folder. Great help when entering data into Quickbooks.

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