Saturday, February 21, 2009


Okay, I give up. I have gone through my old tapes (yes, you read it right – I still have drawer full) and wanted to find the tapes by a woman who owned a chain of beauty shops and has become a national speaker. If anyone knows whom I am talking about, please send me her name.

At any rate, I heard her speak and there was a statement she made that has stuck with me. A man asked, “Why would you go on tour and give away your secrets when the people you are speaking to could start their own stores and become your competition?” Without missing a beat she said, “Honey, I am not worried about that – it is hard enough to get my own staff to do these things.”

I answered a question in a social networking discussion group about my marketing plans for this year. I listed five points:

1. Social networking-- LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
2. A new website
3. Submitting articles
4. One-on-One Coffee Dates
5. Enter into discussion groups.

The next morning I got a call asking if I would like to be interviewed for a radio program.

A human resource communication list had a request: “Giving a presentation to people who are unemployed—any helpful tips?”

Sent off a note: Yes, make sure they have contact cards (formerly called business cards) and suggest that they write handwritten notes.

A call came that night and the author of the question asked if she could hand out my “50 Tips for Networking” on my homepage

Still smiling – gave information away and things came back to me two-fold.


I have a number of subjects that I follow: intergenerational communication in the workplace, networking, business communication, men and women communications in the workplace and, of course, blog ideas or book ideas. Way too many papers to keep track of in my office. Problem solved : Got stacking bins and have labeled them. Each time find information, it is put into the appropriate bin

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