Sunday, February 22, 2009


One my favorite neighbors passed on from a heart attack. He had reminded me so much of my own father. As I watched his two daughters support their mother it transported me back to the time of my dad's passing.I knew how much hugs were appreciated then and freely gave them to the family. One of the grandchildren said "You are a really good hugger".

At one point we were asked to say something about the individual. While I had been at other funerals with this celebration of life I had never spoke up myself. This time I did and said "I'm going to miss George. He watched over me and always knew when I was safely home from one of my many trips. Sometimes he would say 'God, are you leaving again with a big smile". His last words to me were "Welcome home, Kathy". He knew I had just been to the store, yet he acknowledged my presence in this great way.

George served in the military. I had never witnessed a military honor before. Two representatives from the Navy came forwarded, took the carefully folded flag on the alter...unfurled it totally, refolded and handed it to Betty, my neighbor and said "On behalf the United State President etc....."

Yes, there was a big lump in my throat. I felt grateful to be in a country that has a way to honor people who have helped our freedom. George was very proud of his Navy service and I am glad our country honored him in this very special way.

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