Sunday, February 08, 2009


Last year my sister visited me in March. She was staining my kitchen cupboards and I walked into the kitchen and said “Janet, we got to go for a walk”. Her response was “Kathleen, I want to finish this.” My reply was, “Janet, you don’t understand the sun is out and we don’t know how long it will be shining today”. Reluctantly, she followed me out the door. We had a great walk along our Vancouver waterfront. We stopped at one of my favorite coffee shops and took off our jackets. The rain began. She smiled and said, “I guess I see what you mean”.

Yesterday, I was picking up the house and noted the clouds had parted. The sun was shining--a most welcome sight after the fog had socked us in all week. Ok, this meant it was time for me to put on my sweats and head to the waterfront for a walk.

Got in the car and drove to the park. Had trouble finding a parking spot--it seems others had the same idea. Families, couples, and people like me have learned to grab an opportunity when it arises.

Now is the time for you to look around and grab opportunities that will uplift you. It may be hiring your first executive coach, writing handwritten notes to people (trust me it feels great when you are telling someone how much you appreciate them) or taking a walk in the park. I am convinced you will feel better.

By the way, apparently, the sun has decided not to come out today…certainly glad I took that walk yesterday.


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